The Bhaderwah valley is multi-religional, multicultural and multilingual part of state of Jammu and Kashmir. It’s a cultural epicenter having extremely rich culture, which is reflected in the day-to-day lives of the local people. The people of Bhaderwah are very hospitable. Virtually all of the Bhadrawahis are Hindus except a few who are the followers of Islam. Hindu Bhaderwahs usually worship Lord Shiva and Vishnu. Bhadrawahis celebrate many festivals and fairs, most of which are associated with religious events. Their social life is also reflected in these festivals. Some of the popular Bhaderwah festivals are mela pat, Machail yatra, Kailash yatra ,Shivratri,kanchok,etc.
Some of the popular traditions which reflect Bhaderwah culture are – Dheku (The folk dance):- This dance is performed around the bonfire during the pilgrimage.The devotees start their pilgrimage to the Deities and perform Dheku folk dance.
MUSADHI (Songs with tune and rythm):-These songs usually picturise historical and religious events and also describe the pride and truthfulness of the holy books like Ramayana and Mahabharta.
SOHARI:- Sohari is a harvesting folk dance of Bhaderwahi people.This dance is performed at the time of crop harvesting .
DHARAMDEES:-Dharamdees is celebrated as the day of dharma (religion).On this day the Bhaderwahi people celebrate their new year. The preprations begin a day before; rice is filled in a huge pot and is decorated with fruits, flowers and silver coins. On this day a male member of the family taked purification bath before sunrise and prays for all the happiness in life. It’s on this day farmers start working in the fields, as its considered to be very auscipicious.