Idioms & Phrases

اِنسان بَناوُن To Teach Manners Aadhmi Bananu
اِستٮ۪قبال کَرُن To give a warm welcome Aa-base-Karni
سخ غمگیٖن آسُن In deep sorrow Uj Pan-marni
مَژِ نیٚندرِ ہُشار کَرُن To Wake from the state of slumber Jaag Lagni
لوٚب ہیوٚن To stay aloof Paso Pakadnohu
سخت مُشکِلس منٛز Deep in trouble kali pethi sehlab
اَتھٕ ژاپُن To feel liable Tali Malni
خۄد غرض لاگُن A state of selfishness Apni Goghni Seekhni
دونٛکھٕ دیُن A state of betryal Ungline Waroon Pharno
پھٲنٛگرٕ گَژُھن When Poorness comes in any one's life Pichla Dadae Aana
مَلہٕ گانٛڈ حلال کَرٕنۍ To work hard for one's livelihood Tiki Halal Karni