Short Story

The story of man and a parrot

The story dates back to the time when it was the initial period for watali community to inhabit the Nowhatta area in the city outskirts. The story as per the narrator is about a man working as a servant in the house hold of government officer. The man was living in a two room home along with the servant, who used to take care of all the work. One day the master gets a parrot from somewhere; the parrot was a little one and was in a small cage. Man used to spend all his spare time playing with this parrot. As the time passed away the man developed an emotional bond with the parrot and was able to understand his actions. The parrot was not the little one now but was able to speak and understand what’s going around. The parrot had a habit of making specific kind of noise whenever someone would knock the door, be it the master himself. Now there were the three members living in the home, the man, servant and his parrot. One unfortunate day while the servant was cleaning the cage of the parrot, the parrot flew away, servant tried hard to close all the windows to prevent his escape but all went in vain. The man as usual returned from the day’s work but as he knocked the door, he couldn’t hear the noise his parrot used to make. Surprised and anxious, the man entered the door and found the parrot missing from the cage. He called up on his servant and in an angry tone and asked “where is my parrot” ,servant while keep his head down replied “Master, while cleaning the cage, the parrot flew away I tried my best but it was gone, as the man heard those words he began to scold his servant and told him that he was of no use, and is not able to do work up to the mark, and warned him if the parrot does not comes back I will throw you also away. As the time passed on and the parrot didn’t return, the master asked the servant to pack up and leave, servant politely replied master please wait at least for the three days he will come back, master agrees on that. Three days passed but there was no sign of parrot anywhere and the master asks the servant to leave his home immediately but the servant asks for one last chance and asks him to wait for one more week .the master replies “Now, you tell me, as the final day of the week approaches, you should know the consequences of the decision we have taken previously” to this servant replies “ look master I am going but at least first listen to a thing, “if you throw me away from your home, it’s your loss as, I take care of your home and the parrot needs to be taken care of. you are asking me to leave and I am struggling to stay, we all tried to kept the parrot in a very comfortable way and by taking the good care of it all the time , it still went away. Sir you are wrong if you think it went away because of me, it is all because of the destiny, master the truth is that the parrot is not meant to be with you, and there may be some other thing waiting for you. After hearing those words the master kept his cool and understood that “one should let go of the things that are not meant for him, and expect something better to arrive”.