A sample of Bhaderwahi folk song (Paddy Planting) Sohari Soie Rama! Sohari Soie na! Rama Kere bele jua! Sonneru hal jue na! Rama Kere bele jua! Ropperi hale na! Rama Kere bete jua! Sithi bhar bhue na! Rama Kere bele jua! dhlabhe khar nisse na! Chinte te chobbhie mere dhanole pakke na! Mattha keri dloie Rama! Mattha keri dloie na! English translation “Oh! Lord Rama! We are going to plant new paddy seeds. In Lord Ram’s times the plough share and the neck cover of the bulls used to be made of Gold. In (Raja) Ram’s times the wooden plough used to be made of metal silver. In Rama’s times, the quantity of seeds sown used to yield the double paddy harvest. The paddy harvest is now golden ripe in the Chinta and Chobia region of Bhadrawah. It is true all true and I swear it in the name of children.